two sisters on a ROIL mission to inspire & empower the integration of yoga, essential oils and chakras



Gwen is a Crossfit Level 1 trainer, yoga junkie and certified in French Aromatherapy. (Oui, c'est vrai!)  As a mom of two, she's all about making life as easy and stress-free as possible (#yesplease). She works hard everyday to model a positive, healthy lifestyle for her babies in hopes that they will continue to "pay it forward." Let's start a ROIL revolution!

Go-To Mantra: I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough.

Favorite Yoga Pose: Headstand / Warrior 2 / Tree Pose


Mae is a 200hr certified Chakra Yoga™ yoga instructor in NYC. Why did Mae co-found ROIL yogis? Stress Management. (Three words: single. in. NYC. Ammiright!?) She works in Management Consulting, travels weekly and finds herself in high stress environments on the daily (#deathbypowerpoint). Mae wants to help others realize the power that they have within themselves to be happy, well and healthy. 

Go-To Mantra: Sat Nam (roughly translated to "true identity")

Favorite Yoga Pose: Pigeon / Bird of Paradise / Headstand


Once upon a time, we only had plants and positive affirmations to promote healing. Today it seems like we turn to these options only when we are desperate and exhausted all other options. But what if we changed that? What if we sought healing first from the inside out?

While on their own personal journeys, Gwen and Mae realized that there is a collective need to increase our self-awareness, harness our inner power and utilize some of the tools that mother nature gave us from day one. In short, we created ROIL yogis to take the guesswork out of essential oils, mindfulness, yoga and the chakra system. Join us on this journey as we seek a balanced mind, body and spirit.

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