The Chakra System is made up of seven "wheels" or "vortexes"  of energy from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Although they are associated with physical areas of the body, the chakras are a part of the subtle, imagined body. Each chakra has a symbol, color, element, and relation to our current emotional and physical well-being that help us to understand our perceptions, behaviors, preferences and blockages. When we explore the Chakra System in coordination with our yoga or meditation practices, we start a self discovery journey that, as Marcel Proust wrote, "consists not in seeing new landscapes, but seeing with new eyes."
Read below to see why ROIL yogis is so #chakrainspired.


The first chakra is all about grounding down and planting roots. After all, the element is earth! A balanced root provides us with stability and safety. This is where our "fight or flight" survival instincts come from. An unbalanced root chakra may bring fear, obesity,sciatica issues, eating disorders or heavy/ungrounded feelings. 

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