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Here at ROIL yogis, we take our oiling seriously.  As ROILty, we expect our oils to be of the utmost quality.  But where does one even begin? We highlighted articles, dog eared pages, and dove deep into the depths of the internet. After all that, we found that Young Living fits the bill thanks to what they call their "Seed to Seal" commitment.


This commitment to quality is transparent and that's what we love about Young Living.  Bottling essential oils is a combination of both art and science and they have mastered it by being involved every step of the way. From "seed to seal" means that Young Living is a part of the entire process from planting seed in the ground to bottling and shipping the oil. It's passion and it's personal - and they mean business.


   In 2017, we:

  • visited the farm (#pictureoritdidnthappen)

  • met the locals 

  • planted baby lavenders

  • sniffed all the smells

  • dug our toes in the dirt and felt those "good vibes"


...and this is our way to pay it forward. We aim to provide you with the same gold standard that Young Living provides for us: a quality product with a lot of heart put into it. (After all, a ROIL yogi accepts nothing less than gold). 

Young Living believes that authenticity matters... and so do we. We are so humbled to have you here. Thank you!

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